Friday, September 18, 2009

Hot Cross Bums

Not a great title for a blog I guess!

Well, I can explain...!

This is my first attempt at blogging... and for the past few weeks I have been trying to name my blog, like proud new parents try to name their new born, but all in vain. Some of the outcomes of my pathetic attempts were:

Flower from the wild --> someone said that read like a porn site.

Sing & Rule
--> blaaah! nah! (Bad one, I agree)

The Ages
--> that was a good one. And if you shuffle the alphabets, you get Geetha! But someone else was proactive and the name was already taken :(

That's when I felt my first blog should be on my first experience, or at least the oldest one I could remember. The story goes like this...

This happened a long time ago... when I was a 3 or 4 year old kid. We were in Kuwait then. I remember it was very cold. Must have been December, when it was winter there.

Mom decided to give me my bath. A forced one. After that cold shower, I decided the towel was not serving its purpose. So, I pushed mom aside and ran to the living room (yeah! you are right, in my birthday suit).

Mission --> Room heater

Picture me standing with my back towards the huge heater, which was perhaps one feet taller than I was. The more warmer it became, the more cosy I got. Now, for the naive kid I was, the distance maintained between the bum and the heater was inversely proportional to the heat generated. Of course, I unaware how to calculate distances, unaware of the Hot Stove rule, unaware that the heater had other intentions...

And, yeah! Eventually, I placed those tender bums on the hot rails.

The rest was history!

(But that's not the end of the story.)

For the next one month, my bum was put on display. Any guest who came home, was ushered in to hot tea, biscuits and a free 'sighting' of Hot Cross Bums!

Hmmm... so that's my story.

And, now you know why this name has such a strategic importance in my life!

Welcome to

(Happy reading!)


  1. Angane namukku maathrem ariyaavunna ee Bum Kadha, ini lookam muzhuvanum ariyatte...iniyum ithu pole baaki veeragaadhakal pretheekshiykunnu....Annur tales 2 anticipated soon...

  2. Annur tales will follow... pomise :D

  3. omg!! Love it! although i already knew the story, I have to say i laughed so hard again that i was tearing! Thats gotta be one of the best childhood memories ever. High 5 Gee..

  4. gr8 work, Geetha!
    it's real fun reading the stuff..

  5. wish i knew about hot cross bums wen v wer in college..:)

  6. hahahaha awesome start geetha...keep going...

  7. Your blog "hotcrossbums" has led me to think(inspired me)to think of writing blogs.

  8. Yeah??? hahah! I hope its a compliment... n a positive inspiration! thnks for readin! :)

  9. Hey!!!
    Nice reasoning for the name!!! he he

  10. My first time here, led through Indiblogger. The moment I saw the url I wondered what the heck it is. Now I have the answer and cheery smile on my face :) You have a way with words, keep blogging.


    1. Hahah! Thanks for reading Arjun! Inspires me to get back to blogging :)

  11. Trying to do research on Mina Loy and this is what comes up. Can't say I was disappointed.

    1. I'm privileged to know that my blog pops when Mina Loy is searched! :D
      Thanks for reading :)