Sunday, March 28, 2010


Struggles are part of every man's life
They come in the form of worries or wives!
And once they are done with arguments and strifes
They know life's over, and they forgot to jive!

Miseries come to women as heirs or hubbies
The former is chubby, the latter is stubby!
Often treated as a slave, a cheap scrubby
Now no longer bubbly. She is mostly grubby!

Youngsters are blessed - for they are ignorant and mulish
They are worried of gadgets, or a spreading blemish.
For even when the world is at war and looks bleakish,
What keeps them up would be a love, to anguish.

Children find solace among friends at school
With homeworks half-done, they're obstinate as mules.
Parents are loving, so they are allowed to drool.
Even teachers look fools. Life is so cool.

Stages of life are - all different, all funny!
Some stages look dry. Some stages look sunny.
The one thing that links all - the crazy and cunning
Its no longer love. Its rather money.

Friday, March 26, 2010


Why do I feel that he is still my world!
Why do I still love his beautiful curls!
I hold to his memories, like they were pearls!
I'm stuck in emotions, twisting like whirls!

Does he realise I've lived through these lashes?
Will he even know, if my number flashes?
Wonder if my smile, on his screensaver he watches!
Wonder when memories peep, he stops or backlashes?

Do I regret, now as I bethink?
For an affair that was gone, even before I winked!
We were man and wife, though it was not inked.
We felt our love, would always keep us linked!

Does he still care? Does he still tear?
Will I ever dare? Why do I fear?
Verdicts were made, and we adhered!
Just live to bear! Life is austere!

Friday, March 19, 2010

6 months!

Just realised hotcrossbums completed 6 months today!
Thanking all my 22 followers.
Thanking the 660 others who have visited my blog so far!
Thanking all friends who have been promoting it on Orkut.
(no No nO! I am not gonna stop writing... I will keep bugging readers with my blogs. n yeah! keep reading!)
Luv ya all!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Friends - Pride and Hunger!

Friends - have always been a part of my existence. Infact they are the next thing I can recollect having right from my childhood. The first one would be burnt bums ofcourse ;)

I would like to thank my friends - each one of them! I have loads of memories - humorous, annoying, sentimental, happy and crazy ones - thanks to my friends. Sharing a few snippets, which will stay with me till the day I go...

Seetha & Chubi - My soulmates from MBA. Chubi was cute and Seetha was mad. And I was Gorgeous, Energetic, Enthusiastic, T... T for....??? (That's another joke, will share it sometime soon) As a whole, our hostel days were crazy.

We never studied. We slept when all others read. Gossiped while others slept. We were lazy, laid back and rebellious. We were liked and hated equally. We were on the receiving end often - be it in the form of anonymous stinker mails for hosting the college fest, warnings of being 'failed' for late project submissions, threats for the 'traffic' accidents caused, mockery for 'ignorance' of Malayalam and what not!

We were never part of the hostel 'mess' committee.(Those who were would be put in charge of the kitchen for a month and were to manage everything from ordering veggies, to fixing the daily menu, to overlooking the cooking). And we were allergic to Food - only to the cooking bit. And there was a stupid rule that those not part of the committee were to eat from outside. We dint care. We loved the hotels.

But that night was different. It was the hostel fest. And the aroma: chilly chicken, fried rice, mutton biriyani, salads, icecreams - was INVITING.

And we were not invited.

Some f**k up in our dinner plans left us starving. And the worst part was - I was a vegetarian. (I had made a new year resolution that I would turn a veggie and that was my successful 3rd year). Girls with heaps of biriyani kept passing by and we ogled - no no no... we were not lesbos! I meant at the food.

We gulped down litres of water to stop our stomachs from grumbling 'food please, food please'. It was past 1 am when the party was over and the hostel went to sleep. We were still awake - from hunger. Each one wanted to suggest that we go and 'borrow' something to eat - any leftovers would do. But our pride walked in and blocked the way.

It was past 3 am when 'pride' was tired and gave way to the pangs of 'hunger'. I really dont remember whose plan it was, but as soon as it was voiced, the 3 of us were holing up at the hostel's kitchen door. Chubi was carrying a bottle to fake it as if we had come for water. Seetha was cautious eyeing the inside of the kitchen for any 'sleeping maid'. And I was testing my skills at mimicry trying to imitate a cat (just in case).

The coast seemed clear. Chubi was to guard the door while I and Seetha went for the catch. It took us less than a minute to dig out chunks of chicken legs, thighs, breasts and what not! (Seetha was an absolute expert at serving!) We were back in our rooms in a flash.

None of us spoke. We just dug in. I saw my resolution of not hurting animals and my long term goal of joining the PETA go down my throat (literally). It hurt. But that was a night when we realised that hunger can make the most educated and civilised do things they wouldn't do otherwise! (And you are right, it was 'us 3' I had in mind when I said educated and civilised).

Amongst our years together, that night when we 'borrowed' some chicken biriyani at 3am in the morning, still remains the most fresh memory till today.

Miss you gurls badly!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Keep Walking!

I knew there was no coming back,
Yet, I walked down the lonely track,
Dragging my feet, which refused to leave
From the door I had slammed forever, behind me.

Maybe this was destined to be,
Or maybe you thought I wouldn't heed!
Cos, you never came after me,
You never called. And never did I plead.

Every bus I boarded, every paper and poster -
Your name in bold, each one hosted!
Silly it seemed, but it did strike a chord!
God was passing a message. Or I was being weird.

I felt you were laughing. It made me tear further!
Insanity? Hatred? I am sure it was neither.
The good happy days of love - were gone
Now there was only us - apart and torn!

We never came by, we never rendered.
Weeks became months, months turned years.
Memories faded. Your name disappeared.
Amongst those who mattered, I have stopped counting you, dear!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I came. I saw. I lost.

I only ask for a word,
So that I can make sure I've heard!

I only pray for a quick glance,
So that I can then live in that trance!

I only beg for you to hold,
So that I have more fond memories to unfold!

I only stay hidden as you pass by,
So that I can take in me, your every vibe!

I only sleep after I have cried,
So that in my dreams, you'd wipe them dry!

I only put up this silly fight,
So for the rest of life I can say, I tried!