Monday, February 15, 2010

The Day You Died!

Kisses and tears,
Smiles and swears,

Love and fear,
All still seem so dear!

I wish you were here...
To hold me close and near!

Laughingly, I would bear
What destiny holds clear!

You wrote me a song,
Which I still sing all day long!

Emptiness or peace?
Cant make out what I feel!

Life goes on,
How long will I mourn!

Hoping for my life...
Which left me, the day I whined!

Waiting for my life...
Which stopped living, the day you died!

Be my Valentine!

Will you be my child,
Who I can sing to each night?

Will you be my brother,
A brat I can beat and fight?

Will you be my friend,
To whom I can crib and cry?

Will you be my boss,
To whom I can ask a hike?

Will you be my dad,
So I can hold your hand?

Will you be my lord,
So I'd be with you when I die?

Will you be my Valentine,
Will you be mine?