Friday, June 22, 2018


It wasn't love
It isn't lust
If you must know,
You were a nest.

Where for a while
I could rest.
Renew, reconcile,
And regain my zest.

Feel beautiful,
Admired and loved,
In ways that stood out,
From what was usually bestowed.

A nest to dry my feathers
Before I spread my wings
To stay during adverse weathers
And patiently wait for spring.

I'm an intruder,
Who can no longer bide
At your little abode -
As I've been gone for a while.

This has been a long haul
Though a pleasant one, I muse!
I can hear my home call
Soon spring will be here too.

Let's not sing farewell songs
Nor dig deep into reasons why
I was an unwelcome guest
Who stayed beyond my time.

I promise to move out stealthily,
Gentler than I came in -
And I've left your nest decorated
For other guests and passers by.

Friday, June 15, 2018

Stay Happy

Yes, I'm happy
Not because I'm fake.
I'm happy because
I've had a life
Where hunger pangs
were our lullabies
Where that figure
suppressed in our throats, our cries
Where knocks on the door
sent shivers down our mind
Where keeping us alive each day
was my mother's only fight
Where money was unheard of,
a full day's meal was unseen.
Where tomorrows were mourned
Where the future was drowned
Yes, there was a beacon of light
And we clinged on to that straw.
Yes, I'm happy today
that God gave me this day
To be able to give away
A meal, some money, some hope
To share my own stories
To help some one smile
Yes, I'm happy
And I'll be this way
Cling on, fight, stay alive
This too will pass
And you'll have your day
To shine!

Saturday, May 19, 2018

12 at the station

Why isn't it 12 yet, some exclaim 
It's 12 so soon, some repent.
Some run and tumble, late for their trip
While some slumber in a coach, within.

Many journeys have come to an end,
A plenty more, wait to begin.
What better way to gauge life
Than to sit at a station, watching passers go by?

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

RIP Suresh Jayaraman

A young boy, of 25
Their only handsome son.
The sole, strong breadwinner
He passed away today.

He earned a meagre sum,
He saved it all for them.
For he couldn’t fail or fall.
But, he passed away today.

He went hungry many days,
And led a frugal life
He let go all the worldly fun
And passed away today.

His body, so much thinner
Than all the men his age.
He didn’t look 25.
But he passed away today.

The doctors declared him sick
He never paid heed
Worried, his medical bills could fetch
Another day’s meal?

He must have felt pain
But little did he care.
Did he know his time has come?
Yet, kept moving at his pace?

Every soul that knew him cries
“Had he…” and “If only…”
The boy died, trying to keep up
Despite all agony.

He left a void that’ll never fill
Some sobs, and memories
If only, I had extended some help!
But, he rushed and passed away.

Friday, April 13, 2018


The human mind
It craves.
Beyond what it can afford.

Beyond what it can take.

It craves for lust
when there is love.
It craves ecstasy,
for happiness?

It prays for health.
It asks for wealth.
It sees life empty,
and seeks what’s next?

Is this progress?
Is this for the best?
Is this how we evolve,
from the feeble rest?

Or will this maddening chase
To fill up our nests
Take us away
From where we belong?

One day we will own
All – that we’d longed –
And know what’s at our behest
Are just trophies of our zest.

If only one could put reins
On the craving, daring mind
To not built castles in sky
But to live now, here, and smile.

Friday, March 30, 2018


Bring on that smile
Spread that deceptive cheer
You may be broken inside, 
But people don't really share.

Pin on that smiley, 
To your tattered self
Act all hoity-toity
In this world, that's all they care.

Is that a tear?
Tell them you laughed hard, dear
Don't burden them with stories
They have no time to spare.

Refuse any hand
That comes in to mend
Refuse any ear 
They may offer to lend.

Don't pour out your heart, 
Don't bare them your soul
Just build around a fence
"Good riddance', they'll howl.

Remember that promise 
To your friend you had made
Remember what you did
With the secret that was shared?

Remember the rooftop
Where your soul - you sold?
Remember how you goofed up
All those stories you retold?

We get what we deserve
But, don't we deserve worse?
It's all a vicious circle
Or is it, who decides? 

We pursue a journey
From fake to futile
The world was handed to us great
And look what of it, we have made.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

The Trip

Touch down. 

They had reached. 

Their destiny was to change forever.

Everyone huddled towards the luggage bins above, to grab their baggage. 

Why the scuddle? 

She wondered.

After all, what is truly one's own? 

One's phone?

One's credit card?

One's designer bag?

One's child?

Of course one does not stuff one's child into the cabin bag. Unless one is a psychopath. 

"Well, we'll have to get out at some point", her husband's gentle nudge brought her back from her nearly psychopathic thoughts.

She smiled, and realized the plane was almost empty.

The intense heat hit her as soon as she deplaned. 

"Wow! This is going to be one hell of a trip!", she exclaimed. 

"Well, get used to it. This may not be our only time visiting", he casually remarked.

The air-conditioned airport bus was a welcome change. She found a seat untaken. And settled right in.

Just then, walked in a woman. Obviously pregnant.

I thought they did not let pregnant women board planes. But how would I know.

She was blinking at the protruded belly. The woman had found her way right towards her. She halted in front of her, and smiled. 

She hated doing this. Giving up her hard-earned spot for the helpless. The feeble. The old. The poor. 

One should take charge of one's life. One should take what's one's own. One should be in control of the variables. 

Not leave it all to fate. Or the universe. Or people. 

And beg someone else for what's theirs. 

She looked out of the window. She could see the reflection of her husband glaring at her.

Outside the tinted window, the scorching sun. 

So bright. So round. 

Like the belly. 

No belly thoughts. She had been mean. And the sun was reminding her.


The ride to the hotel was a long one. And the heat was unbearable. And the traffic unmovable.

But they had to leave soon. No time to cozy up in the room.

It was weird. It was she who had pushed him into this. After years of planning. And budgeting. And careful choosing. They zeroed in on this. 

Yes, she had been dreaming of this trip. And dreading it too.  

Sigh. Can we not go? 

He heard her mind thoughts. 

"Come on. Get ready. This is what you wanted. This is what we wanted. Let's do this."


She had no energy by the time they got onto the airport bus. She was just zapped. But all the seats were taken. 

The sun shone down with all its fury. Bright and red. 

She almost fell, when an old lady touched her shoulders.

And offered a place to sit. Her seat.

Her husband smirked. 

As she sat down, she felt so thankful. 

To fate. 

To the universe. 

To the many people. 

And to that someone, from somewhere.

Who gave up what was hers. 

In a garbage bin. 

It smiled and cooed at her, as it nipped at her fingers. 

Her baby.