Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Carols and cakes are back again!
Turkey and toast, wine and dine,
Trees that shimmer with presents in line -
Here's wishing you and folks, a Christmas divine!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The pierce of silence

Is experiencing that void in life, which -
Can't be defined by words
Can't be fulfilled by love
Can't be felt by empathy
Can't be overcome by strength.

Though it chooses to go away -
Only to come back again.
This void is to stay!

So I'll deal with you my way!

Monday, November 28, 2011

The morning breeze

Early morning breeze -
I'd never missed you so far!
But today when I woke up to the dawn
You passed by me like the softest dream.

Your soothing touch on my dry skin
Felt like I'd never been caressed before
Your mellow whispers into my soul
Left me longing for your company, more!

Your earthy scent and warmth exposed
Made me take a few steps towards you, close!
But as the rains peeped in, I whined and cringed
And forced you out, ending our lovely meeting!

I won't promise you I'd be back again...
But I know you'd be waiting at my door
Waiting to hear the latch unbolt,
Waiting to be ushered into a 'room' that's cold!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Blind World

I am just getting used to traveling by the Chennai metro rails. Or any metro rails for that matter.

We shifted our house a week ago close to Mambalam and I have learnt that the easiest and fastest way to commute to office is by the train. By which other mode of transport can you cover 10 kms in less than 15 minutes, in Chennai?

Moreover there were no traffic signals. No early morning bargaining on auto fares. A first class season ticket would cost me a meagre Rs. 320 and I am good to go for a whole month.

Yet, I was sulking this morning. It was a morning to get cosy after the heavy showers. I overslept.

And was late for work.

As I de-trained at the Egmore station, cursing the rains, which had turned the platforms into a dingy, stinking mess – I saw a fellow-passenger.

A blind man who with the help of his long cane, kept touching the platform every now and then, was trying to figure out whether the next step was safe. I was amused.

And soon, I was following him.

I wanted to help.

However, typical of the educated, tech-savvy, value conscious, urban adult I was, I wanted to make sure he deserved my time and attention.

I waited to ensure that he was blind indeed.

His cane went on tapping it’s way into a filthy dustbin and then came out, as if revolted by the stench.

‘Hmmm… must definitely be blind then’.

I wanted to help.

But then, a website tells me that the train I came in, has the capacity to carry 1580 passengers at a time. So, why me?

As I was lost deep in thoughts, I saw a good Samaritan help the blind man go up the stairs. The steep and narrow staircases are a daily nightmare to me in spite of having a corrected 6 by 6 vision, thanks to my spectacles! However, the good Samaritan seemed to be in a hurry and left the man half way through. Meanwhile, the daily conflict between passengers trying to go up and down the stairs was reaching its climax. People kept pushing or pulling each other as they held on to their larger-than-life luggage.

I struggled to keep up.

The blind man had reached the top of the stairs and climbed on to the bridge, which connected all the platforms. He continued at a slow pace, tapping away with his cane. Farther down stood another blind man, begging for his daily alms. Someone, I was used to seeing and ignoring every day.

The first blind man was walking right into the latter one, who seemed completely unaware of the imminent danger. I thought they may collide. So did everyone else, yet they just walked by.

I wanted to help.

But, then the two men somehow knew. They gave a cry of acknowledgment to each other and the first one stepped to the side. And continued his way ahead.

I could be a spectator no more. I went ahead and held the man by his shoulder. And tried to show him the way. He immediately stopped tapping his stick, trusting me – a complete stranger, to lead.

I asked him where he was headed to.

‘Anna Salai. How about you?’


I kept pressing his shoulder and mumbling to turn left, right, walk straight and he followed like an obedient student. Suddenly, he offered me his palm and said,

‘Can you hold my hand instead?’

The feminist in me was awakened. Why would he want to hold my hand? Does he want to feel the softness of my palm and derive some sort of sexual pleasure (is there any?) from it? Or is he part of some gang which kidnaps, rapes or kills vulnerable girls like me? Will he drag me into a black mini-van, abduct me and turn me into a blind beggar myself?

I shrugged at the thought of it. Yet, I reluctantly offered him my hand.

As he held on, I noticed that his hands were weak. That hold to him was only an assurance that I would not let him fall. It told him when to stop and when to slow down. It told him that I wouldn’t just abandon him half way, but would get him to where he wanted to go.

‘Where do I leave you?’

‘Please take me to the bus stop just outside the station. The bus numbers are 27D and 21A.’

I guided him out of the station, as amused onlookers stared at us – the unusual duo.

A '21A' bus was just pulling out of the bus stop. I desperately waved trying to tell them that a blind man wanted to board the bus. The driver smirked and sped away.

I waited with him, hand-in-hand, until the next bus came in. People swarmed around the doors, to be the first ones to board and alight. We were lost in the chaos. I somehow managed to let him get on to the bus and then let go. He was lost into the crowd of passengers.

No words were exchanged.

And I walked on.

I did not feel bad though.

The blind man had no privileges.

For, we all live in a blind world.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Lord, heed our prayers
and keep us strong

Help us follow you
and lead those around

We are tiny souls,
yet challenges surround

Please hold our hand,
please don't let us drown!

Monday, October 31, 2011

I will be back!

Pull me, hate me
Or even shoot me down
But make sure friends
You've really knocked me dead.

For, if I can breathe...
I'll be back on stage
Fighting with every bit
Until I win your heart again!

Saturday, October 22, 2011


My choices, sigh!
Are only two -
Either walk away blind
Or to take a knife.

I do not want to kill
For I'd vomit with guilt
But I don't want to stay
I'm of no help anyway!

What do I do!
I just want to live
A happy full life
Until I am called!

I do not want to die
At the hands of a dictator
Nor while shredding him to pieces
With millions of spectators!

I want to walk free on my street
Without killing or being killed
I just want to live a full life
A happy full life, without fear!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


I miss you.
Every day... every night -
In every moment that's dull or bright.
In every step, in every fall -
I only wish, with you I could walk.
In every tear dropped, in every smile wide -
How I wish you'd be by my side!
In every dream, in every prayer -
I seek your happiness, warmth and care.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Hands that give, receive.

I am the provider.
I will keep giving.
With my sweat, blood and flesh.
And when it ceases,
with my soul.

For I am the provider.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Keep walking Geethu!

I joined my first job over 5 years ago.

12.06.2006 to be precise. Today, 5 years, 2 months and 19 days later, I have come home after having quit my fourth job. I get to relax over the weekend to prepare myself to join a fifth firm. This would be the third change in my career - from banking & finance to advertising, now to marketing.

How do I feel?


And perhaps awful.

My mom was a nurse. She joined as one. Worked for over 30 years and quit as one.
Perhaps nurses can't shift their careers. That is what they have learnt. Injections and anti-biotics. How different can it be!

But I am different. After all, I am an MBA graduate. I get to choose.

Sigh! Pathetic attempts to justify myself. Not working.

My shift from banking to advertising was easy. It was a welcome change. In advertising, I did not have to bear the grunt of trying to sell a loan to someone who absolutely could not afford it, just so that I could meet my sales targets.
And 6 months later, I did not have to call that same 'someone' and demand to pay EMIs and threaten them with dire consequences, this time to meet my recovery targets.

Advertising was different.

Though my hopes of meeting stars, my notion that daily work meant glitz, glamour, sheer fun and partying, went down the drains within the very first week. What awaited instead, were tons of survey questionnaires waiting to be administered to unfriendly, unwelcoming people on streets; collating, understanding and tabulating data; figuring out what those numbers meant; drawing innumerous pie-charts and deriving conclusions that gave solutions to address the business problem that was raised. That was just one part of the story.

Managing angry clients who would not flicker an eyelid as they said "Get out Sir!" (to the extent I began believing that I did look like a guy); arguing with 'efficient' marketing teams who started conversations only with 'Our CEO expects to see it now', 'Our VP has to use it in the presentation tomorrow morning'; managing 'angrier' creative teams who were already sitting on endless 'pathetic' briefs and now despised me for being an inefficient servicing kid who was not even able to negotiate for some more time, so that they could come up with an award winning idea - was the other part of the story.

Imminent deadlines.

Sleepless nights.

Lean pay cheques.

Scream matches.

RTBs. RGBs. TRPs. TGs. GSMs. Jpegs. PDFs.

Yet, I loved advertising. Despite all its madness, I loved my job.

But now I realize I am ready for a change. Yet again.

I do not know what the future has in store for me. Whatever it is, I am willing to go where life chooses to take me.

So I move on. Once again.

Wish me all the best!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Lost and lonely!

The sky has not been bright
The rains too are not in sight
It's long since I've seen a starry night
Sigh! I've not been in the best of plights!

Yet I know if I'd put up a fight
It would not be for the rains, nor a starry night
For me the only thing that could set this right
Is a kiss from you light and a hug mighty tight!

Saturday, July 16, 2011


Salty tides keep passing by
How you'd wish one would stop a while
And let you know it has come a long way
Just to be with you!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

3 Strangers

3 strangers -
Bound by fate.
1, in the canal,
2, walking down the lane.
A mild bark, fell on deaf ears
A cry for help, in vain.
While passers-by, kept passing by -
2 little boys stopped a while.
Only to be soon united by
A bond stronger than love
Care for a fellow being in pain
Who struggled on it’s own.
The 3 of them, pulled each other out
From the vicious circle of 'self'
After smiling once at each other's face
For their lonely walks, they left.

Monday, June 20, 2011


Your words soothe my hurting soul
Like no prayer or psalm has, ever before
If only I could return that experience of joy -

To let you know what you mean to me, my boy!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

When life beckons!

Another few lines to Prabhakar, now my friend. Inspired yet again by his poem

Life moved on, even when you died
Leaving me nothing, but sore eyes to cry
Today, though agonies have followed me in line,
I pledge upon you not to take time to whine!

My duty calls me to save, to secure and set free
Hopeless, helpless frames, trodden from misery -
I will share my wisdom to brighten their morrow
And for their smiles, I vow to give up my sorrows!

Existence through Survival

On my window sill, perched is a winged being
Unhappy to be sharing space with another form of life
Perplexed as I am, at what my next move might be -
Like it, I do not know what it is like to be bereft of being.

They say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder -
So I behold, and obscurity I see
Chaos and rivalry makes me cringe in my space
Hiding from circles – invitingly tainted.

Yet beauty I had seen amidst the chaotic life
Life – a symphony orchestrated at his free will
Though some notes were beyond my taste
I try to nod along, as if imbibing its grace.

My palms capture the monsoon after the blazing summer
Dark skies are torn open by the mighty thunders
It mellows down, pouring in as cold welcome showers
For halting hectic lives, it also makes some scream.

The earthy fragrance which follows induces in me – sleep
And paves its way smoothly within my tired frame – deep
I see myself relax, though my silence loudens
Embracing my soul it blocks out even seldom words that peep.

My life, a duet, maybe composed by time
But sung by me – and I hadn’t followed the rhymes
I tweaked a few tones, I’ve upset the hymn
Wrongly pitched a few notes - maybe missed a few lines!

A silent sigh somehow escapes my pursed lips
As the hurt which instilled it, eats into my will
Though I know I had tried to face it like a man -
I had never run away nor brought about any harm.

I hold no account for the countless days, bygone
Nor try to justify reckless moments, the past has now worn.
I know I have had my razing revenges – few
But I also know I have stood up for all my deeds, lewd.

I have created many bonds for my kids to take along
And broken a few too, for which into pillows I have sobbed
I may not have lived life, the way it was meant to be –
But I know I have lived it true, so now I recede!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Wordles (doodles in words!)

I missed the Independence Day celebrations in 1947 by 35 years.
But I do go thru the exact same emotions the freedom fighters must have felt...
every week, Fridays at 5 (to be precise).

Monday, June 6, 2011

Saddening. Maddening. Silence.

Dedicating this poem to a man, I haven't met. But would like to some day.
Do read his poem here to know why:

Two loving souls were bound by fate
Now one remains, he is destined to wait
The other rests in peace, away from her mate
Yet he awaits her return, counting minutes, hours and dates!

Memories, they say, are the hardest to erase
Some take to drinking, some choose other ways
Here is a soul who has penned down in phrase
Words that bleed emotions, yet never cease to amaze

My dear friend, to you am a stranger
But I wish I'd know you, to offer you some relief
In a world that has no time for anything that breathes
I'm moved to see you, hold on to your wife's wreath

You teach me that true love lasts a lifetime
Its not bound by age, nor sticks to a chime
You truly are a lover, one of a kind
Every girl would love to have you by their side

I pray your pain is eased with time, as you write
And that you are freed from all bonds that keep you tied
I hope you'd find love again, maybe less divine
And the gods keep you together to explore the world, long and wide!