Thursday, March 27, 2014


Jostled, I rub 
My half-awoken eyes

My voice has failed me
Yet I let out a cry.

I halt. I listen. 
I squint. Then pry –

The day’s just begun – 
Lot’s to be done, when there’s light.

To many it’s another day, 
That’ll just pass by.

To me, it’s a lifetime – 
To be lived in black & white.

Like ship-men who've embarked
To rummage in the dark

I switch on his PC
And it slowly comes to life.

Its white screen blinks at me – 
Awake, and bright

Now, that voice too has left me
Let’s give words a try.

Search terms also fail me 
For a ‘search’ now dropped

Among this war & cry, 
My loved one, I've lost.

He smiles at me from a distance,
It’s a snap clicked some time back.

I notice, his smile is hazy
And a tear, those dark eyes wear.

When you stop looking,
There’s so much you’d see.

And when you stop seeing
There’s a lot left to perceive.

The TV screams out updates –
It’s absconding, broke, or found?

I see him smile at me, 
From deep underneath, 

His black eyes glistening
From the salty seas.

Maybe my long wait, 
Is not worth-the-while.

With him gone
I’ve been left to scrounge.

With all might I push 
My wheel-chair around

(Didn't I tell my limbs failed me
the day he was born?)

Thursday, March 20, 2014


Stuck in a time zone
That repeats.
Mourning Mondays to sudden Sundays.
They just repeat.
Yet we long...
To relive events and emotions...
From days bygone.
Mindless mortals, we are all.
Stuck in time zones, of our own.

Monday, March 17, 2014


If you have a whole lot of love, a little more of sunshine
A book you can scribble on, a family you can call 'mine'
And a friend who'd come by to check if you are fine...
You'd have plenty of reasons to not whine,
A plenty of reasons to smile!