Saturday, October 24, 2009

To my fake friend!

Why pretend be my friend?
And ditch me in the end?

Why further offend?
When I dont defend!

Why that smile still?
When you always wanted to kill?

Why crib and command?
When you've already abandoned?

You needn't walk beside me, behind me or before me
As long as you don't stab me,
It's fine!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Today Was The Day...

Today was the day when I felt so lost...
Life seemed so forced, as if tomorrows wouldn't follow...

I saw myself cry...
Shed tear after tear...

I saw myself hate...
With every cell, cursing fate...

Why does every man leave?
After claiming to love me?

Why does every friend,
Still love, care and kill me?

Why does family stay?
And ex-lovers flay?

Why does my job suck?
And life seem so gray?

Am I on the right road?
Is this the right way?

Will morrow be better?
Will I fall, fail or flare?

Today was the day when I felt so lost...
Yet I live on...
Cause life is so forced!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

My First Heart Break

4rth July 2007

Bereaved -
Yet deprived from my right to tears!
Shattered -
Yet forced to stay intact!
Sought after -
Yet lonely!
Life -
My Life...?
No longer mine anymore!
In love with life...!

(The first time, it hurts like hell. Then, you get used to it I guess!)