Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Fear of the unknown
Looms above me

Dark times are imminent
It warns, silently

I feel its footsteps pound
A discordant march breaking the grounds.

Shake it off, they curtly say
I try my best, but it stays

The earth swiftly shudders from beneath
Torn bodies are strewn ahead rapidly!

I grab what I could call mine
IDs, to my broken mind

Nothing’s left for you here
Nothing’s left of you here

Had I really seen it come by?
Were there any signs I’d denied?

When your world is shaken, you’d believe
There was a lot you could’ve done, in grief

But, who am I to take a call?
We are all petty mortals, after all. 

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Void voices

I wish you were on my speed dial
Only a phone call away
I wish I could hear your voice
And hug your tall frame.

I wish I could bother you
With the silliest of complaints
I wish I could turn to you
And be assured I was safe

I wish I remembered you often
Not just when I'm in pain
I wish your memories stayed
And not fade off with each day

I wish you would coarsely tell me
I'm here - things will change!
Daddy, I wish you were somewhere - alive

So I could stop posting poems and fly.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Pick me

If when at my worst, 
I still treat you like my best - 
Pick me, from the rest.