Thursday, October 1, 2009

My First Heart Break

4rth July 2007

Bereaved -
Yet deprived from my right to tears!
Shattered -
Yet forced to stay intact!
Sought after -
Yet lonely!
Life -
My Life...?
No longer mine anymore!
In love with life...!

(The first time, it hurts like hell. Then, you get used to it I guess!)


  1. so you did remember it this long...
    Its like that....
    And its true that your love of life is more than anything else

  2. Hi Geethu, this is a very honest poem. I was just browsing through your blog to reiview it, and in case ur not aware of this, the competition of the month is the best poetry blog. I think you should give it a go!

  3. hi Saro,
    thnks for going thru and ur comments.
    n sure i'll try my luck