Thursday, January 14, 2010

Today let it be

I don't live by what I preach - Live life to the fullest and be grief-free!
What I know could fit in a cup, What I don't is vaster than the seas!
I never learn! I never seek!
I am never free. I am full of grief!
Yet in love with life, I claim to be!

I still hold on to frivolous moments...
People who have passed by...
Paper which has faded...
Toys long broken...
Memories which are jaded...

People are weird! I have never known...
Who they were?
Why they came ?
What they meant?
And where they strayed!

I wish - so selfish, I wouldn't be!
And talk to people who wait for me...
Pray for those who are actually in need!
Long for people who find time to be free...
And love those, who are still a part of me!

I will not whine. I will not complain.
Tomorrow brings hope. Tomorrow I will change.
But for today, let me live in grief.
In a day, what difference can it be?
So let me not change. Today, let it be..!


  1. there's only today. there's only now. there's no tomorrow. there's no later. so be grief-free today. be joyful now.