Saturday, March 13, 2010

Keep Walking!

I knew there was no coming back,
Yet, I walked down the lonely track,
Dragging my feet, which refused to leave
From the door I had slammed forever, behind me.

Maybe this was destined to be,
Or maybe you thought I wouldn't heed!
Cos, you never came after me,
You never called. And never did I plead.

Every bus I boarded, every paper and poster -
Your name in bold, each one hosted!
Silly it seemed, but it did strike a chord!
God was passing a message. Or I was being weird.

I felt you were laughing. It made me tear further!
Insanity? Hatred? I am sure it was neither.
The good happy days of love - were gone
Now there was only us - apart and torn!

We never came by, we never rendered.
Weeks became months, months turned years.
Memories faded. Your name disappeared.
Amongst those who mattered, I have stopped counting you, dear!