Saturday, April 17, 2010


84 Facebook messages.
85 Orkut scraps.
40 Sms on Mobile 1.
20 Sms on Mobile 2.
30 odd calls.
A few mails and E-cards.
A porcelain cup.
A bouquet of roses.
A dinner treat and yummy chocolate cake at the most expensive restaurant in town.
That summarised my day.
Today was my birthday.

28th Birthday.

I remember how once upon a time (which felt like eras ago), I used to look forward to birthdays.
To colourful frilly dresses.
To cakes and the sugary rose toppings, we fought world wars for.
To gifts - dolls and plastic kitchen sets.
To sweets.
To the rounds with your best mate, to distribute sweets through out school.
To surprise parties at home. (surprise to my parents too, cos often they were the last ones to be invited!)

I wonder where those days had vanished to!

Man!!! Nowadays, birthdays have become gentle reminders... of 30. Yeah! I'm growing old.

28 is... 30 minus 2.
Dint get that??
30 - 2 = 28.

And 30 is scary.

The questions I face daily are scarier! Dont trust me? Try answering these....

Are you married?

Do you have a boyfriend?
Well, it's kinda complicated u know...

Do you have kids?
Errr.... (Can I have a boyfriend first?)

Do you have a job?
Eureka! I mean "Yeah!"

Are you among the Top / middle management?
Well, does Sr. AE count???

How much is your savings?

How much do you earn?
Close to zilch.

Do you have a house?

A car?

A bicycle?
Well... (Man! This is insulting!)

What do you do after work?
I sleep... (If I get to finish that is!)

When you are out shopping, what do you look for?
The Brand / The Fit / The Price Tag.
Pass. Next question please.

How would you rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 10?
Losing (0-3) / Loser (4-6) / Lost (7-10)
Errr.... More options please?

I mean. You know what I mean...

Well, here's to all friends who wished me!

Thank you!

This Birthday could have been worse, had it not been for your wishes!!!

Love you all!!!


  1. wow!! that FAQ is cool.

    Err..I didnt understand the math thing!

    Happy cruising.!!!

  2. haha! tht was just to stress on the fact tht m 2 yrs away from 30 ;)

  3. Hi! Geethu,

    Belated birthday wishes...
    Hey! the above stastics do prove your space in a lot of hearts around, what else do we need yaaar,
    ur Q & A was realy cool...
    but that wont scare of the 30 ,, afterall y should you....
    adding up more life to your life na.....enjoy

  4. @ Shilpahak: Thnk U!
    @ Dais: hehe! thnks for the wishes!
    n yeah, its true!
    whts life, without frnds!
    hope u havin fun too...

  5. :D) accidentally landed here..for funny Q&A of The Age..;) nice.. Belated birthday wishes..
    btw nice post & page.. will blogroll for future scroll..
    Onwards & Upwards.. yuva

  6. @ Jasdeep / SHalom / Yuva: thnks guys! made my day! :)

  7. Hahaha your posts are really interesting and funny!!!!! i love to come back and read again to your new posts!!!


  8. n btw i like your blog name... hotcrossBUMS lol!!!

  9. Thnk u very much DuDo. Your name reminds me of my niece's pet name Dudu... :)
    if really anxious, do read my first blogspot to know how my blog got it name ;)

  10. Wish you happy birthday (delayed wishes) ur Q&A were nice