Monday, May 24, 2010

But for you!

Destiny played games with a sadistic force,
And I stood still seeing my world go for a toss.
Before I knew, that cursen moment just froze.
Yet my silence, I managed to keep unbroke.

Time and minutes no longer flew.
The otherwise bright future, now looked blue.
Your memories however, still felt new.
And my smiles each day reduced to few.

Passion in my heart, I knew, I held.
Tears in your voice, I knew, I felt.
Though my innerself burnt and yelled.
I promised myself that this too will be dealt.

Now it feels like eras passed by,
But my wounds are taking their time to dry.
I wonder why this birth wouldn't just fly,
So I can find peace atleast when I die!

For every 'I love you' that came from you,
I always replied, I love you more!
Now, as I wait, though my chances are few,
Is when I realise I loved you from the core.

I still stand alone, where you left me,
Pinned down with memories that refuse to leave.
I pick from remains hoping to start clean.
I wish I could fly on, happy and free!

I cut a sorry figure, I know its true.
But I long like a flower for the morning dew.
The day you left is the day I knew
That I'd be left barren, but for you.


  1. of all the poems u ve written, this is the one i could relate to the most... i should say that u ve helped me deal with a break up... and i fully know wat u r going thru.. i m not sympathising with u.. but i wish i could write like u..

    cheers to a happy life ahead :)
    god bless

    a like minded individual

  2. from another spilled heart swims in
    the paralyzing silence
    devoid of echo or reply

    as your soul sailing through break up blues
    shredded by nothingness
    breakdown and regression
    dejection renewed

    must move on..must move on..must..on..n on..
    because life shall always continue to go on…

    as we grow older
    as we move away & detach from those darker moments..(and we will)..
    only to realize the blessed days
    with loud appreciation & laughter


  3. @ Anonymous: It really humbles me when ppl say my peoms help them move on. Thnks for those words of comfort! May god bless you!

    @ Yuva: Will move on, Will must move on, Will move on!
    It will take time, but move on, I will! :)