Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's!

Dedicating my 100th post, to my Valentine.

To all those souls,
Who have loved and lost -
To those who held one,
And those who moved on -

To those who still look out,
To those who have stopped -
To those held in marriage,
And to those who are not -

May he - the Saint of Valentine,
Be with you in your pain -
May he take away your stress,
May he take away your strain!

Please thank him for that day begone -
For that one chance you had got,
To know what love is all about -
To have been in love or to have lost!

When I hadn't moved on -
When life had come to a halt
When though alive, I'd always felt
That I was stuck in a vault.

When I was lonely and lost,
Though I was widely sought.
With care, I kept away myself -
From love and all that sorts!

It was then that life brought me a light
That sad and lonely night -
He wasn't a hero nor a great knight
And his armour was not shimmering bright.

Though, a war - he had never fought
For he did not have the might,
His very sight had made me smile -
And I knew for me, he was right!

He walked right in through the door -
I had slammed, crying no more!
He never promised - stars far above
Nor held my bleeding soul.

He sang for me, songs sweet -
As I kept weeping out my grief.
And he tightened his softest grip -
The more I tried to break free.

He gave me a reason -
He became my breeze!
He set me free -
And helped me chase my dreams!

Today, he is the wind,
Beneath my tired wings.
And the sole reason why,
My laughter still rings!

Smiles and cheer,
Without fail he brings,
To my sulking face,
Every mundane morning!

I am thankful to you -
For the love you bestowed.
I am grateful for the goodwill,
And I am obliged to give you more!

The only thing now,
I'd like to ask the Lord
Is not for a splendid marriage
Nor for the vows!

I'd pray, with his eternal love -
He'd guard you from hurt and harm.
I'd ask him to make you smile,
And keep you a happy man!


  1. aahh aaaahhhh aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh....

  2. Hey!! Geethu De Maupasang superb awesome fantabulous if it's ur creation.....Love is in the air

  3. Hey Geethu.....It is Bbeeaauuttiiful....U R reaally talented....All The Best Gurl:)

  4. That was a great dedication for love!!

  5. Mushy... Mushy...
    Heart warming...
    Lucky guy...

  6. @ABR: :)

    @Ranjith: Me only. Me only. Danke!

    @Anonymous: Thank you! All the best to u too mate!

    @Rahul: Thank you!

    @Ram: He is! Isn't he? ;)