Monday, April 11, 2011

Wedding Vows

I hadn't ever denied you
Never questioned your sober self -
Never renounced your love
Nor scoffed at your proposal.

Venturing into a forbidden bliss
Knowing our desires were amiss
With a wild verve, I would run to your side
Giving up all bounds, I was forced to abide.

Your fixed eyes, repeated your vows to me
Your hoarse voice whispering words, lovey-dovey
Dark hands guided by the softness of mine
We walked the aisle, to be blessed by his love, benign!

Our days of struggle at each others' pace
Our doubts, at what each other gazed
Our thoughts if we did act in haste
And all that vanished, when we engulfed in an embrace!

Spending four decades and stepping into the fifth
Of having broken barriers and rewriting the myths
I am happier to have spends years as a blind man's wife
Than to have paraded my love in return of never ending strife!


  1. another meena kandaswamy in the making??

  2. Well... I don't know if I am as 'ANGRY' as her. Maybe I am just getting there... :D
    Loved a few of her poems, esp these lines:

    Tongues untied, we swallow suns.
    Sure as sluts, we strip random men.
    Sleepless. There’s stardust on our lids.
    Naked. There’s self-love on our minds.
    And yes, my dears, we are all friends.
    There will be no blood on our bridal beds.
    We are not the ones you will choose for wives.
    We are not the ones you can sentence for life.
    (“Backstreet girls”)