Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Existence through Survival

On my window sill, perched is a winged being
Unhappy to be sharing space with another form of life
Perplexed as I am, at what my next move might be -
Like it, I do not know what it is like to be bereft of being.

They say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder -
So I behold, and obscurity I see
Chaos and rivalry makes me cringe in my space
Hiding from circles – invitingly tainted.

Yet beauty I had seen amidst the chaotic life
Life – a symphony orchestrated at his free will
Though some notes were beyond my taste
I try to nod along, as if imbibing its grace.

My palms capture the monsoon after the blazing summer
Dark skies are torn open by the mighty thunders
It mellows down, pouring in as cold welcome showers
For halting hectic lives, it also makes some scream.

The earthy fragrance which follows induces in me – sleep
And paves its way smoothly within my tired frame – deep
I see myself relax, though my silence loudens
Embracing my soul it blocks out even seldom words that peep.

My life, a duet, maybe composed by time
But sung by me – and I hadn’t followed the rhymes
I tweaked a few tones, I’ve upset the hymn
Wrongly pitched a few notes - maybe missed a few lines!

A silent sigh somehow escapes my pursed lips
As the hurt which instilled it, eats into my will
Though I know I had tried to face it like a man -
I had never run away nor brought about any harm.

I hold no account for the countless days, bygone
Nor try to justify reckless moments, the past has now worn.
I know I have had my razing revenges – few
But I also know I have stood up for all my deeds, lewd.

I have created many bonds for my kids to take along
And broken a few too, for which into pillows I have sobbed
I may not have lived life, the way it was meant to be –
But I know I have lived it true, so now I recede!


  1. I totally suck when it comes to understanding poems and so I'd be talking outta my ass if I said I understood every word of your poem n that it was awesome. So I'll refrain from saying anything.

    But personally, I feel you should write more incidents like the ones of your childhood in Kuwait. Liked those... :)

  2. Hahaha!
    Tht was one of the most frank comments I hv ever read and I am very happy u put tht down (I myself dont follow some of the shit I put up there).
    I hv been trying for a while now to get back to stories. Now tht YOU have said it, I definitely will :)
    Thanks Guru!

  3. By the way, felt I shld explain wht this poem is about. I was trying to capture the emotions of a man who is about to take his life, by jumping out of his office window. As he sits, the rain pours which makes him recall his life in a jist.
    I dont think u got any of tht bit :D
    Show I hv a long way to go as a 'poet', if I can call myself one :)

  4. Gee, dont under sale yourself.. you are one...

  5. You are very generous with compliments always Yuva. Thank u!