Monday, February 13, 2012


The craving at the smell of a hot bitter coffee
The goose-bumps from a cold morning shower
The excitement at my name being called out first
The modesty when I'm patted for emerging winner
The exuberance at my team’s triumph
The sobriety expressed - only when depressed
The abstinence at being told I’m wrong
The flutter each time he utters ‘It's you I love!’
The nervousness before each long-awaited kiss
And the blush that follows - never goes amiss!
The responsibility on holding a baby close
The pride at my niece’s victory, to boast!
The comfort from a friend’s ever-giving efforts
The hatred when another good one betrays
The sympathetic tears at a stranger’s demise
The agony at watching a near one's pain
The helplessness on seeing a stray puppy cry
The brief content on helping a blind in need
The peace when the gushing streams caress my feet
The momentary dislike when a sibling screams
The easy yawn as I rest on my mother’s lap
The sleep that ships me to an Utopian dream
 - is what keeps me going.

And not money.

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