Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Happy birthday ABR!

We never crossed paths
In the rich oil land
Where we spent our childhood
With Arabic, Kitcos and Crush!

We never crossed paths
Once back to India
Lost - picking up our mother tongue,
Or with relatives, things and dreams!

We never crossed paths
Roaming the streets of Mylapore
For you were chasing a wilderness
I never knew existed.

And one day we meet -
Thanks to Mark, on FB!
A call, a dinner, a ride to the beach
We were already in love, I was easy to please ;)

Blink! We're wedded
And we walk our paths together
You tugging at yours
And me huffing at mine...

I am happy I'm in love
With you (who's now fast asleep)
Let's celebrate another March twelfth
You, me and our growing Basil leaves.

Happy birthday!

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