Friday, October 11, 2013

Mad love

With yesterday - three years have moved
Of saying yet another 'Yes, I too'
You were singing for me, over Skype
And I looked away - those days I was shy.

Affairs a couple, we both had had,
Hearts were broken, those episodes were sad,
Yet like an entrepreneur risking it all
We vowed this was the last one for which we'd fall.

Romance was mellowed, we were an unusual pair
We made time during weekends for meetings which were rare.
There were no birthday bashes nor expensive wishes
The greatest indulgence then, was a ride to the beaches.

Today, I wait for you to come home tired
So I can crib about work, and that liar
We listen to how each other's day had unfolded
Then sit down for dinner and a movie you'd downloaded.

I reckon life has been lovely, hard and humble, 
We now have a home - small and simple
Has it been three years since 'yes, I too'?
For it feels I've just fallen in love with you!

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