Thursday, March 27, 2014


Jostled, I rub 
My half-awoken eyes

My voice has failed me
Yet I let out a cry.

I halt. I listen. 
I squint. Then pry –

The day’s just begun – 
Lot’s to be done, when there’s light.

To many it’s another day, 
That’ll just pass by.

To me, it’s a lifetime – 
To be lived in black & white.

Like ship-men who've embarked
To rummage in the dark

I switch on his PC
And it slowly comes to life.

Its white screen blinks at me – 
Awake, and bright

Now, that voice too has left me
Let’s give words a try.

Search terms also fail me 
For a ‘search’ now dropped

Among this war & cry, 
My loved one, I've lost.

He smiles at me from a distance,
It’s a snap clicked some time back.

I notice, his smile is hazy
And a tear, those dark eyes wear.

When you stop looking,
There’s so much you’d see.

And when you stop seeing
There’s a lot left to perceive.

The TV screams out updates –
It’s absconding, broke, or found?

I see him smile at me, 
From deep underneath, 

His black eyes glistening
From the salty seas.

Maybe my long wait, 
Is not worth-the-while.

With him gone
I’ve been left to scrounge.

With all might I push 
My wheel-chair around

(Didn't I tell my limbs failed me
the day he was born?)

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  1. a flurry of words and
    a thought single-minded screams at everyone...