Monday, July 28, 2014


I helped a beggar!
I beamed with pride
"Money gone wasted",
came the remark in snide.

I fed a poor puppy
that had lost its way
"You should have saved that
for a rainy day"

I held up the traffic
to let a blind man cross
"That's ten precious minutes
of yours just lost!"

I aid my mother,
she's eighty, she's old -
"She must really be thankful,
for many parents are disowned"

As a nurse, I treat lepers
badly diseased
"No wonder you remain
in a house on lease"

I volunteer for charity work
whenever I'm free
"Why not a part time job
or another degree?"

I've got the job.
I'm so happy, daddy!
"Finally I get some money back.
Hope the take home is hefty?"

I said 'Thank you' to the cabbie.
Boy! he seemed pleased!
"But what can he do for you?
It's your boss you should appease!"

My heart thumped hard
as I raced into my winning lap
"Sad she's into a sport
that media never taps!"

I preach God's words,
would you like to learn?
"Oh spare me, wise man.
But can you teach me how to earn?"

The wealthy widower died,
leaving his children in despair
"Wonder who he's named
his legal heir!"

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