Friday, October 24, 2014

Lifeless lights

It was the yearly festival of lights.
It was immensely bright. Even in the night.
I was the only one, thrown, out of sight
I remember - it was the night of the festival of lights.

I was broken, I was cold, yet I put up a fight
The crowd kept moving, laughing in delight
Only if someone, would take note of my plight!
I am lonely and dying, unable to fight.

I can see my children, out of hunger, turn white
If I had wings, I'd fly to them, with all might
But alas, I'm stuck here, with no hopes to reunite
with my children, who are hungry, and turning pale-white.

I was hit by a biker, speeding across a red light
I fell at a distance, thrown from a height
The motorist sped on, as if out of spite
I fell at a distance, thrown, out of sight.

I assure my blurry vision that I will be all-right
I howl to seek help from a crowd - moving in delight
It was the festival of sounds and brights
My howling gets lost, amongst the crowd's chaotic recites.

I've turned bright red, like this festive night.
A cracker bursts loud, it can no longer instill fright
I move on silently. For I have no right.
I'm a mongrel of a city - a city bustling with lifeless lights.

1 comment:

  1. Liked it.. Apt for the season and a good tribute those that we forget we share the earth with.