Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Forgive Me

Forgive me mother
But I wanted to learn
I didn’t know the ways
Of a ruthless world.

You wanted me to stay
To do the dishes today
I promised to be back soon
And that I wouldn't stray.

I kept after little baba
As we walked the muddy roads
He is a tad younger
But a man (we follow the codes).

The school was far off
But that didn’t keep me away
New year was approaching
I had to practice for a play.

The day started with history
My favorite of the lot
An era dead, bygone
Came alive in that slot.

Stories of mighty rulers
And benevolent kings
Transport me to a heaven
And suddenly the bell rings.

I promise, dear mother,
It was not my fault
Someone just barged in
Unaware we were caught.

No face to the intruder
No name I can recall
Not that identity matters
When on sinning you're sold.

A red splash of hot blood
Drenched my crisp uniform
Surprisingly it was not painful
Though my whole body was torn.

I promise mother, I didn’t cry
I kept thinking of your beautiful smile.
I fell face first on to the floor
The face-less was firing all this while.

Tabassum moaned.
Laila was dead.
Shazia's face was
a bleeding mess.

I lay as I fell,
Floating in and out of dreams
The kings have come,
to probably take me.

I'm sorry Mother,
For the undone dishes
For not staying back,
For the unfulfilled wishes.

I've lost my life
Fallen prey to the Taliban
Should I have stayed at home?
Subservient to a man?

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