Thursday, July 7, 2016

I'm Alive

Rape me. Cut me. Kill my pride.
While at it, make me cry.
Make me bleed. Make me scream.
I’m no child. I’m thirteen.

Toss me around for flunkies to try.
Let their fantasies come to life!
Slay me lifeless, slice by slice.
Then, fling my body and lit it on fire.

I stepped out at midnight
A whore I had to be ~
A proven fallacy.
(I woke up to pee)

And forfeited my right 
To lead a normal life.
And you gained access to pry
In between my thighs.

No one to wail at my funeral pyre
No marches held. No candle lights.
No vigilantes seeking - justice deprived
Skip uproars for this one, for how many do they fight?

My roofless hut stays gloomy, under the brightest sunlight
The door – a ragged sack, has come untied
Somewhere lost in a corner, my father sits, fragile
And into the sinking walls, my mother whines.

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