Friday, March 30, 2018


Bring on that smile
Spread that deceptive cheer
You may be broken inside, 
But people don't really share.

Pin on that smiley, 
To your tattered self
Act all hoity-toity
In this world, that's all they care.

Is that a tear?
Tell them you laughed hard, dear
Don't burden them with stories
They have no time to spare.

Refuse any hand
That comes in to mend
Refuse any ear 
They may offer to lend.

Don't pour out your heart, 
Don't bare them your soul
Just build around a fence
"Good riddance', they'll howl.

Remember that promise 
To your friend you had made
Remember what you did
With the secret that was shared?

Remember the rooftop
Where your soul - you sold?
Remember how you goofed up
All those stories you retold?

We get what we deserve
But, don't we deserve worse?
It's all a vicious circle
Or is it, who decides? 

We pursue a journey
From fake to futile
The world was handed to us great
And look what of it, we have made.

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