Tuesday, August 17, 2010

For you my Friend!

Dedicated to Shalomie Xavier, my friend for life!

Not related through a chord
You are a friend, nothing more!
Yet became a part of me,
Like a seldom gift from the Lord.

When I was, to pieces torn
When I cried hard, from my core
More than kin, more than foes
You stayed with me through high and low!

I don't remember how I came.
How I'd go, I wouldn't know.
Yet, for the many more births to go,
I want you with me - through and fro!


  1. Geetha!!! Thank you so much and I'm so sorry I didn't see it. You made me cry girly. I love you too and feel exactly the same.

  2. Love is in the air! O!

  3. @ SX: :*
    @ VA: :P (Closely translates to "Get a life guy!")