Sunday, August 22, 2010



Drops of salt stayed on
Un-wiped on her hollow cheeks
As if to bear down her overburdened life
With the load of un-shed tears.

Her trembling hands, were weak from work
Her palms felt heavy, as her kids held on
Her chest was filled with love and warmth
Her eyes kept winking, as if to keep away fear.

Her kids - her treasures, how could she preserve
Her only refuge now was her mother's lap
And that was where she headed now
To mark an end to the troubled souls.

She bought them balloons, candy and ice-cream
As they walked towards the welcoming beach
She walked slowly, clinging tiny arms
And soon the salty waters, were licking their feet.

(Found this one hidden away in one of my old diaries. Felt a lil' depressed reading it though).


  1. if u flt depressed, let's wipe the tears, shall v?

    In her they took refuge, and she in their innocence,
    As the summer sun & the waves washed away the tears,
    There were still dreams for them to take refuge.

  2. You have always managed to bring a smile to my face, even when I'm at my lowest self. Wht wld I ever do without u Sree! :)