Thursday, July 29, 2010

Excerpts from my Diary - 28th July 1999

I had the habit of writing my diary until 2 years ago. The other day I was reading through a few of them. It was a wonderful feeling. Like reliving those days again - the happiness, the agony, the anxiousness, the love and the laughter!

I felt I should share a few of them here once in a while. (It also helps me post something, when I cant come up with anything better). So here we go...

28.07.1999 (Wednesday)
Sebastian Sir caught me sleeping during his English class today.
I broke my 3-fold umbrella. Have borrowed mom's for the time being.
I have missed one day's Physics lab experiment due to my fever and lag behind the rest of the class. Even otherwise Ashok Sir is upset with me, after Sandhya and I bunked his session to take part in the KSU rally at college.
Totally bad scene.

(My Pre Degree days at Payyannur College.)


  1. haha u wrote about your broken umbrella... nice

    College days were fun... I had slept a lot during the long boring class hours.... :)

  2. I know!
    And yeah, of all things an umbrella!
    But trust me, I have worse things coming up ;)