Saturday, July 17, 2010

T for....

"Parthaya Prathibhodhithaam Bhagawathaam Narayanena Swayam
Vyaasena Grathithaam Puraana Muninaam Madhye Mahabharatham!

In the midst of the Mahabharatha war, Lord Krishna advised a perplexed Arjuna. This advice took the form of the Bhagawad Gita.

Ladies and Gentlemen,
G for Gorgeous
E for Elegant
E for Energetic
T for Talented
H for Happy
A for Amicable

That's me - Geetha, all the way from Palkad for you!"

It was the Women's Hostel Cultural fest. And I was a contestant for the 'Hostel Beauty Queen' competition.

And I was rehearsing my introductory line (Read punch line).

Seetha and Chubi watched on, as I did. The hostel had 3 floors and we were grouped into teams - floor wise. We stayed in the 3rd floor. And I was the only one competing from our floor.

I knew if I had to win the contest, I had to depend on my gift of gab, than on vital statistics. Moreover the girl who competed against us was our common enemy. Someone who was tall and considered beautiful, who studied well and was the pet of the staffs as well. That made things worse. Because, all those were areas where, we lost out.

The first round of the Beauty contest started at 7 pm. The hall was packed with girls. Waiting to hoot, laugh and mock.

And there I stood, draped in a Kerala Set Saree with my Mushroom cut hair style and loads of makeup (that was a visual I bet many still remember).

Our enemy's name was announced. And she graced the stage with such perfection - calculated steps, trained moves and perfect smile. Applause followed.

My name was announced.

I stepped on and I thought I heard someone hoot. Good that I chose not to wear my glasses. At least my short-sight blurred my vision and I dint have to see the expressions on the faces glaring at me from in front, waiting for an opportunity to pounce.

"Parthaya Prathibhodhithaam .................. Mahabharatham!
(Phew! that went off well)

In the midst............... Bhagawad Gita.
(I completed that too correctly)

Ladies and Gentlemen,
G for Gorgeous
E for Elegant
E for Energetic
T for ????


T for ????"

I forgot!

God! This is embarrassing.

I was looking for Seetha and Chubi to help. And thanks to my short-sight I couldn't sort them from the hundreds of smiles I heard.

"T for ????"

Every feeble attempt was captured by the mike and blared across the hall, thanks to the speakers. Our enemy stood there enjoying the whole episode. Giggles kept spreading.

I was breaking my head trying to come up with an adjective with T. Now, what was that.



(Phew! Something is better than nothing!)

"T for Terrific
H for......."

How I managed to fumble the rest of the introduction is still a mystery. Thanks to my savior angel.

By the time I was done, the whole hall erupted into a laughter.

And I became famous instantly.

It is over 4 years now since that night. Yet, Seetha and Chubi still tease me with 'T for....".

(That I managed to reach the final 5 from the 25 contestants and stood a good chance of winning, had the competition not been called off due to strike, is another story).

I miss those days!

I really do!