Sunday, July 11, 2010

Another night

Its past midnight
On a warm July,
As I await
Sleep to usher by.

I hate it when
I stay awake
But then again,
Its my mistake.

I'm thinking of you
A thought that lures
It cant be true
Do I still love you?

I toss and turn
Its truth or dare.
A desire still burns
Veracity blares.

Holding back sobs
Unable to cope,
I fervently grope
My desires, my hopes.

Your boyish charms,
That mystic smile,
Your nature - calm.
What a warm delight!

What were thou?
A chip from my dream?
Where are you now?
May I try redeem?

A passing cloud?
An infactuation found?
A love that bound?
Another bond on the shroud?

Life knocks me back
As the dawn unwraps.
I rest, for I should hack,
As tomorrow awaits - with a new set of traps!


  1. nice, may ur dreams come true.

  2. Hmmm! You still thinking about the squirrel that disappeared when you were a kid? :P

    Jokes apart, maybe you don't wanna let go because you might end up missing the pain for the same reason you miss him: you've lived with it for so long...

  3. :)
    sometimes the pain in itslf is a part of livin.
    n yeah, u get so used to it, tht u dont want to let go tht pain.