Friday, March 11, 2011

Mélange ~ Cheruba Devraj

Words don’t always say it all
And even if they could
How could I have said to you
All that I should
For it is not a thing I reckon
Nor reconciled
The beauty of the ugliness
And smiles amidst the fall
I search the face that smiles at me
And then peer inside my heart
To pick the pieces of the words
That we scattered in the dark
And of them all I choose a few
they to my surprise read
queer but a quaint accord
faintly ringing beneath the breath
a reluctant tune to song
Composed in prose to conjure
pain in fading reminiscence
Of what we seldom chose to see
loads of vibrant emotions.

(A poem by a friend, Cheruba. Do post your comments. I want her to see them and get motivated into writing more and eventually start publishing.)

1 comment:

  1. That was wonderful like taking the first steps again on a path that you thought was lost.

    Hoping to read more