Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A never ending walk

Treading along this path
Now, composed and calm
I cannot but help recall
Those days of fall.

I had never come to a halt -
Though I may have wobbled, I still walked
For each step was a new lesson taught
It pushed me against a world that mocked.

The track was desolated and dark
And in the hidden, things lurked -
Yet I strolled on, though with some fear
Unaware of where I was headed for, dear!

My whole small life showed up before me -
Came back in pages, as in a story
It stopped a while - at a few inept pieces
To continue its journey; it never ceases!

If I had known that those questioning moments
Were to take me to you, in a little while -
I would go back to those severe, sad torments
Once again today, but with a smile!

Now that the tunnel does show me some light
In a beaming grin, in those lovely eyes!
I trot faster, clutching on my hopes, tight -
To walk hand in hand with my companion for life!


  1. wwowz.keep walking and touching the souls on the way..

  2. Lovely as usual.


  3. @Reni: Hahaha! :D
    @Amit: Thank you! You have always been kind with your words.