Saturday, November 28, 2009

*Conditions Apply

Music - Soft and slow.
My mind - It's free to flow.
Melody - Soothing and calm.
Singing - My sorrows are embalmed!
Sacrifice - The only way to let go.
Sorrow - Is with me through and fro.
Solitude - A blessing in disguise?
Passion - May come before demise?
Love - In your eyes I see...
Weddings bells - Now, part of debris.
Peace - Will be*
Happiness - I'll see*
Tears - Will stop*
Cry - I will not*
Fake - Were emotions.
God - I pray with caution!
Helpless - In my path I feel.
Pain - Is all I get in deal!
Misery - Will have to fail*
Faith - I will keep nailed*
Hope - Has been torn.
Smiles - Will but be born!*
Beauty - Is in you.
Friends - Are truely few.
Hugs - Are they free?
Baby - Can I be?
Innocence - Will it return?
Dew drops - On a heart which burnt...
Ring - My naked finger!
Music - Makes me linger!


  1. God - I pray with caution!
    what does this mean?

  2. Hi davesh!
    well, wht i meant r even prayers are bein offered with caution in days of misery.
    donno if tht gets thru!
    thnks for reading!