Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Turning point

Every new day brings a new meaning, teaches a new lesson, shows a new dimension, presents a new threshold - of happiness, sorrow, solitude, contentment. But sometimes, our days also start with a frown, or a frivolous fight and then takes the most unexpected twist!

I woke up that morning angry, awakened by a call. It was not the call that angered me. But having to talk to someone the moment I wake up is something that ticks me off badly.

As I walked into the kitchen, my mom warned my siblings, "Sookshicho, innu idathotta" (Roughly translated as 'Someone seems to have woken up towards her left. So, beware!') According to Hindu superstition, there's a belief that one who wakes up from the bed by turning to his/her left, will face a bad day.

I chose to ignore that comment.

After all, the damage had been done. I sat sulking with my tea, reading the newspapers and going through my daily horoscope. Wonder whats in stock?

"Life will take a turn. You will meet an important person"

Hmmm.... now that seemed interesting. Maybe someone did respond to my curriculum vitae, uploaded on the numerous job portals. Better get dressed formally to office. What if I have to rush for an interview call. I need to look presentable after all!

But, wait!

Someone important huh?? A prospective boss can be important. But could that also mean a prospective groom??? Now, who am I to blame? The same, curriculum vitae was tweaked to appear like a matrimonial ad and hosted on all marriage portals online! Then, a formal wear wont do! I need something casual, something sexy, something... attractive!

Hmmm... now I am stuck! I need a formal wear which is sexy. I need a casual wear which is presentable! Why do women have so many attires to choose from?? For the first time in life, I preferred to have had only 2 options like all men.

A plain shirt with matching trousers.
A stripped shirt with matching trousers.


But then, a Sari should do.


Sexy, formal, casual, presentable, modern, trendy --> all in one!

So, there I stood at my office doorstep, draped in a sari on that rainy day. I was late. It dint matter. My life was going to change. I was optimistic.

I longed for the mobile to ring. (Yes, the same mobile I almost threw away that morning, for having woken me up)

10.30 am. No calls yet. Its too early. My boss (prospective) / guy (would-be), must have just begun his day. Let him take his time. I can wait.

12.00 noon. Hmmm... he must be busy with lunch. Its alright. Let him take his time.

2.00 pm. The NFS Carbon ring tone blasted across the hall. I had set my ring volume to 6 on my phone. After all I dint want to miss this important call!

"Ms. Geetha Raj?"

A male voice. I gasped.

"Yes, yes!"

"Is this the right time to talk?"

"Yes, yes!"
(What's your name???)

"Well, this was regarding..."

"Go on please..."
(Work? / Wedding?)

"Mam, are you there?"

"Yes, yes!"
(Did I just hear 'Mam?' Seems well-mannered!)

"This was regarding the payment of your credit card dues. You have lapsed last month's payment."

"A...h...! Y...e...s, I k...n...o...w!"
(F*** You! What a time to call.)

"Well, I am Mr.ABC. (His name no longer seemed relevant). I am waiting at your reception to meet you on this regard."

"Oh! Lovely! I'm coming down in a split."
(The prospective boss had vanished by now. But who knows! Maybe my prince charming is a Recovery agent)

A tall, huge, hefty guy, with a declining hairline stood there.
(Why do all recovery agents look like Dons from a Hindi movie?)

He thrust forward a small yet huge bill.

A heart attack. That's what I felt.

Outstanding = xx,xxx.xx
Interest = x,xxx.xx
Late payment charges = x,xxx.xx
Misc charges = x,xxx.xx
Total = More than I can ever pay!

Jesus! So much of entries for a single payment lapsed???

I tore a cheque for the amount he thrust into my hand.


He was an important person.


This was a turning point in my life.

No more credit cards!!!


  1. wel... stumbld upon ur blog accidentally! lik ur writin... simple... :) day to day events... was a gud read...