Sunday, November 29, 2009

You are my Vanilla!

"You are like a Chocobar!", he said when they met the second time. "The more I know you, the more I like your sweetness, your tastes!".

She wondered why he always spoke of anything, comparing it with ice creams. Later, when she knew about his craze for ice creams, she understood.

She preferred to talk to him inside an ice cream parlor, so that she could relish with her lover, his love. Eventually, that became their meeting point.

Once he said, "Oh! my dear Vanilla, you enter my soul like a coolness I never felt before. I guess I have started liking you more than ice creams!"

She couldn't sleep that night. She imagined their house, made of chocolate and walls made of cream. In her dream, she floated with him like pieces of dry fruit in a fruit salad.

One day he told her, "You know what? Women - They are like cone ice creams. As a whole they appear soft and creamy, but deep inside, they are hard like biscuits!"

She asked him why he said so and he complained that she did not care for him. She had never visited his house, even though he had invited her during each of their meetings.

So, one day she went fully attired like a specially dressed cup ice cream, much to his surprise. He said, "Like ice creams, women too should not be kept waiting, or else they melt away!"

And they enjoyed themselves.

They hadn't met for weeks, when she finally called him up. He said he had been away and promised to meet her at their favorite place. Though late, he showed up for his date. While talking over their butterscotch he said, "
Butterscotch is quite tasty, but we get fed up soon. I have never been able to complete one cup in my whole life."
And he didn't, this time too.

Soon, they parted. She tried to figure out what went wrong. She soon understood that her tastes were wrong. His entire flavor was wrong. As she sat crying over her spilled milk ice cream at the parlor, she saw him walk in with another girl.

His next ice cream!

Trivia: This story was written sometime in 2001, and it won me a College first prize in English story writing!! :D


  1. ice-cream,feelings and woman could not have been better knotted!

    loved the post...

  2. Hey Ajay,
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