Monday, June 28, 2010

Geethu's 28 secrets

1) I am a narcissist, I luv myself. I can spend hours together watching my snaps or myself in the mirror!! hahaha

2) I cherish a dream of owning an elephant, a chimpanzee and a golden retriever.

3) My mom is my best friend, there's literally nothing in my life which I haven't shared with her.

4) I luv chocolates, chocolate cakes, and chocolate icecreams.

5) One thing I am terrified of and have nightmares about is - Spiders. I cant stand them.

6) I wish to adopt a girl, a physically challenged child some day.

7) I luv dancing - on stage, at parties, or in front of the TV. How I wish I had learnt dancing and become a choreographer.

8) I can sing pretty well.

9) I always had an inferiority complex that I am not good-looking, especially because my brother and sister are known to be head-turners. I guess Point (i) is an psychological aftermath of this ! :D

10) I am scared of relationships. I dont think I can get committed to anyone easily.

11) I am pretty fast with computers. I learn fast and love speed.

12) I somehow like Sadam Hussein, Hitler, Veerappan and Osama though I dont approve of everything they do / did!

13) I love wearing a Saree.

14) Though I try put up a serious image in public, I am very emotional and cry easily. (For e.g., 95% of the movies I watch make me cry) ;)

15) I am allergic to Panadol / Crocin / Brufen / Paracetamol.

16) I make friends fast. 80% of my best friends are boys.

17) Recently I figured out that majority of my good friends' are either Geminis or their names start with "S" (my mom & Sis too). Second on the list would be friends named with "R".

18) I had my first crush when I was in LKG and his name was "Vikram" and we broke up because he wanted to see me wear a nose ring and poked me hard with a sharpened pencil!

19) I luv shoes and bracelets and hand bags and shopping. Admit, I often end up buying unnecessary stuff.

20) I luv celebrating birthdays and gifting things. I used to end up crying every year on my mom's birthday because she never found my gifts useful, and I often got scoldings.

21) I want to learn salsa, to play the flute, some form of martial arts and to ride a bike before I die.

22) One place I want to visit is the Congo jungles. I want to spend the night lost in a forest, with wild animals around, petrified that tomorrow may never come. That would be fun.

23) I wouldn't think twice to give up my choice or tell a lie, if that would make my dear ones happy.

24) I once made a new year resolution of becoming a vegetarian. I was a Veggie for more than 3 years, before I gave up.

25) Ever since my 8th standard, I gave up writing with blue ink. I write only with black and feel paralysed when I have to use a blue pen.

26) I have more than 10 pet names - Geethu / G / Gee / Geethol / Umpatti / Tinku / Dingo / Loosu / Paatti / Kosu / Kakkara / Kaappiri / Bobby are among a few.

27) I wanted to become a teacher as a kid - so much was my obssession for chalks and blackboards!

28) I dont want to die rich. I want to die happy.


  1. Interesting! A few things:

    5. You should check out this movie called Arachnophobia. You'd love it! :D

    7. Dancing on stage? Like all those kids who dance on the stage at wedding receptions to songs blaring from speakers nearby? Or school/college culturals type dance on stage?

    12. Just curious, but what do you like about Saddam Hussein/Veerappan/Osama?

    14. You've left the bracket open, and the programmer within me is cringing! Please close!!

    26. Since 'G' and 'Gee' sound the same, they're technically the same nickname. And Geethol sounds like Dettol. :P

    10. Why?

    9. Well, you should come and check out the girls in my office, and you'd feel like a supermodel compared to them! :P

  2. Guru,

    5. I'd rather not. Nightmares are enuf.

    7. Hahaha! Good question... well, both actually ;)

    12. Well, I wld say their intellect & leadership qualities which helped them garner local support to oppose, defy and at times even win against any power that opposed them. Whether they are right or wrong is another issue. But they prove to be more stronger and grounded than many elected representatives in their decisions and in getting ppl to follow them.

    14. I have corrected that bit! Danks!

    26. Well, G n Gee are not the same. Meet you sometime & will pronounce it, for you to know! :P

    10. Well... I donno! just an observation u see...

    9. So, u saying I am very beautiful n pretty n amazing n lovely n drop dead gorgeous? :D

  3. Hi bobby,

    I really liked these!

    6. I wish to adopt a girl, a physically challenged child some day.

    7) I luv dancing - on stage, at parties, or in front of the TV. How I wish I had learnt dancing and become a choreographer.

    Upload your performance to my mail. If u wish.

    17. Second on the list would be friends named with "R".

    I will be in this list ????

    28. I dont want to die rich. I want to die happy.

    Good thinking, god bless u!!

  4. Well... about #9, you could say I think you are very beautiful n pretty n amazing n lovely n drop dead gorgeous.

    But I guess you should know that sometimes, I'm known for secret #23 as well. :P

  5. @Ragazzo: thnk u for reading.. n certainly u fall under my frnds list :D

    @Guru: "Yenna koduma Sir ithu!"

  6. I dont how did i missed this..anyways..

    may be my intuition is wrong but I am guessing you decided and may be wrote this when you are teen or earlier..!.

    - flute, guitar(and spanish), congo jungle(and south america), adopt a child,.. is my wishlist tooo..
    - teaching is my interest.. bez of my luv to give gyan and talk shit to kids..;)

    9) while objective speaking iam not 'good-looking' but how cares.. much of life's important things are subjective.. so ya, iam super.. (and ya, i can market well..;) and delusional..;D)
    point is: your beauty is in the eye of others around you and its shaped by how you wish to project...

    10) u will find ur trick you into eternal life.. its law of nature.. so dont worry.. or rather start worrying.. ;)

    12) while i dont "like" 20th century super villains but i always play devil's advocate.. justifications/if only's..

    28) psychology say "your happiness will somehow be influenced by your riches (specially compare to your peers..frnds, siblings, et.. ).

  7. @Yuva: Agreed, this post was written over 3 phases - but I was way over a teen even the first time. It was initially part of our MBA project - "10 dreams of ur life". Whn my frnds dreams included - A great Job, A beautiful/handsome and rich life partner, wonderful kids, a large house, a swiss bank account etc... my presentation was filled with dogs, elephants, Congo and tree house. I donno if i sound too immature with such trivial fantasies and ambitions in life. Mayb thts a reason why my project got a "Average" score, while my frnds got an 'A'. However, even at 28, these are the facts which remain close to my heart and I hope will always. :)

  8. #9 your beauty is right here in these finely sewn magic of words.

  9. Awww! Thank you Leo! :)
    Made my day (especially today being a Saturday and I am working)