Thursday, September 9, 2010

Dudu's Corner - II

Prologue: Dudu is my 3 year old niece. 'Dudu's corner' tries to capture a few of her 'words of wisdom'.

Dudu was once touring with her mom and her friends. Being the youngest in the lot, she was the center of attention and her talks made her more sought after. People kept asking her the same questions over and over again, just to hear her talk. One conversation went like this:

Someone: 'Neengey padikkireengala? (Are you studying?)'

Dudu: 'Aama. (Yes)'.

Someone: 'Entha School? (Which school?)'
Dudu: 'Euro Kids'.

Someone: 'Athu engey irukku? (Where is that?)'

Dudu: 'Paatti veettu pakkathillu. (Close to my Grandma's house).'

Someone: 'Paatti veettu pakkathillu engey irukku? (Where exactly is it, close to Grandma's place?'

Dudu: 'Paatti veettu pakkathillu, romba dhooorathillu irukku. (It is close to my paati's house, but a long distance from there).'

Someone: 'Athu engey? Paatti veettu pakkathillu, aana doorathillu? (So where will that be? Close to your Grandma's place but far away?')

To this, Dudu stared back at her. Then she answered with folded arms:

'Euro kids school engey irukkuo, anga thaan Euro kids school irukku!'

(Euro kids school is right where it is!)

Someone: '....!!!'

Mom & I were visiting Dudu last month. They stay in Coimbatore, which can get real hot in summer. So, while on bed my mom left the first few buttons of her blouse open.

Dudu was heard telling this to my mom, whom she calls 'Sowmi Ammamma' (Sowmi Grandma).

'Sowmi ammamma, buttons pottukkongo! Yaaraachu paatha appuram onnumey panna mudiyaathu!

(Sowmi Grandma, I would suggest you button those up. If someone happens to see, then there's nothing much we can do!)


My sister and brother-in-law were having the typical 'parents' fight over whom their daughter loves more. Whether it was her mommy or her daddy.

So both of them caught hold of Dudu and asked her in the most pleasant manner,

'Dudammu, Ungallukku yaarey pudikkum? Smi mummya Viji Appava?'

(Dudu, whom do you like more? Smi mummy or Viji daddy?)

Dudu looked at both of them for a moment. An then said,

'Ennakku Sowmi Ammamma'ey thaan pudikkum!'

('I like Sowmi Grandma better!')


Dudu was being adamant one day and refused to go to school. My sister in a last attempt threatened to call up her teacher and complain. To which Dudu said, she will explain why she did not want to go to school.

My sister smartly dialed me instead and asked me to act like her teacher and instruct her to get to class immediately. I spoke to her in a hoarse voice and commanded,

'Rudra olunga school'kku vanthidu. Illena adichu poduven!'

(Rudra, you better come to school fast. Else I'm coming home to smack you!)'

Dudu blinked for a moment.

We thought the plot was a success.

That's when she gave the phone back to my sister and claimed,

'Ithu teacher kidayaathu. Ithu Geethu aunty, Chennaiyil irunthu pesnanga!'

('This is not my teacher. This is Geethu aunty, from Chennai!')


  1. ;D)) kids brain evolution is one of the most fascinating thing ever..

  2. I know!!
    U dont realise it, until u find one of ur own!

  3. and iam always amazed about the learning skills.. and how they endup learning things/terms/word/.. which they had no access to..

  4. True! Today internet & TV play a major role in behaviour and character formation. Some of the things Dudu picks up from her social circle & the mass media just leaves us stunned. And some of the little things they notice, are sometime so obvious, yet wont pass our mind. I think we lose tht skill as we grow up.