Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I walked through a garden,
I walked with my dream.
We held hands, together
On your shoulder, I leaned.

We stopped to smell a jasmine
In a rose, you seemed keen
As you placed it in my tresses,
We laughed like lost teens.

My mind wandered free
Across the road and blaring heat
And perched on the window sill
Of the house across the street.

A beautiful angel was fast asleep,
In her cradle with her dreams
And her parents stood beside her,
Lost in an embrace, deep!

Your breath on my neck
And the warmth of your hold
Brought me back to the garden
And I saw your old eyes gleam!

The visiting hour was over
And I had to be returned.
To the green beds and white walls
And the I.V stands, tall and lean.

You promised to meet me tomorrow
And that tomorrow won't be long.
As you walked out through the gate,
I began my wait - for tomorrow to be born.


  1. Its tomorrow could be The tomorrow
    of all dreams might come true
    no need for visiting hours or permissions
    everyone will have someone
    and so will you & I...

  2. 'The tomorrow' huh? :D
    All d best with urs buddy! I hope with mine too ;)