Saturday, September 18, 2010

365 Days.

This is my 70th blog post.

Today I complete a year at blogging. It feels so less, yet it feels like so much!

A year is not long, considering it takes only a few moments to change believes, change people and change lives!

If I have been able to touch any of your lives with some trivia I wrote, I'm obliged.

I am thankful -

To the many who have shown the patience to read my posts, think over them and leave comments too! I have to thank each one of you - Yuva, Guru, Sid, Dudo, Thirurkadan, Shalomie, Ragazoo, Rakesh Menon, Shwetha, Siljith, Daya, Sooriya, Kuruppal, Athira, Jinu John, Readers Dias, Shobana, Sorcerer, Jasdeep, Matrix, Hakuna Matata, Cris Hand, Pratap, Anand Appa, Satheesh Kumar, Harikrishnan, Cheerzz, Ajay, Davesh Shingari, I am what I am, Sakthivel, Dreamy man walking, Rahul Nair, Paro, Hitesh Rawat, Rajan Rambles, Dileep, Traveller, Jiku, Sandip, Teena, Bin, Natrajmani & Tourism world.
To the 37 people who dint think twice before they clicked on the 'Follow' button.
To the 1290 others who visited so far.
To Indiblogger for rank 69.

Raju, for 'The Ages'.
To Blogspot, for being reason why 'The Ages' was not confined to my diary pages.
To Shalom, for being my friend.
To Chechi, for her phone calls and for offering to copy-check and edit errors.
To Unniettan, for the silent support.
To Mom, for loving me from the core and making me believe that Love is, in fact, blind!
To Life, for unfolding a new experience, a new learning each day.
I love life. I love you all!
Be with me.


  1. Congrats!! You write well! Been an observer these days... one of the 1290 people!! Arvind

  2. Hey Monu!
    Pleasant surprise!
    Thnks! :)

  3. good.. i find blogging/documentation of my evolution- to be (in)sane way to keep my sanity..

    I cant remember when and how but somehow randomly landed here to find words that hooked. blogrolled in my google reader and scrolling the post whenever timepermits.. its been pleasant read... thanks for the thanks..
    Onwards n Upwards, Yuva

  4. Thnks again Yuva.
    Ur timely comments hav been a grt motivation n highly appreciated!