Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Don't be carried away by my smile,
I was shedding tears until some while.
I carry myself with some grace and style,
I rarely hear the music, yet you'll find me jive!

I was no born actor, but knowing I am mortal,
Not waiting for rewards, nor longing for laurels,
As a girl, a sister, a lover, a daughter -
I played along tough roles, whatever life offered.

A day will come. when I can redeem
Whatever I'd wished for, whatever I'd dreamed
For that day I wait, will wait, whatever it means.
To smile from my soul, leaving behind whatever had been.


  1. You played all the roles and when are you going to be yourself my friend???

    Be yourself and live yourself for a while at least! Think who is the real you!

  2. @Raj: Oh. i am very much myself too. Sometimes an actor brings out himself. and so i do get to see slices of me at times :D

  3. ACt..yes do..
    no matter what role you're giving,
    no matter what skill portray,
    everyday life you are living
    is certain to colour the play.