Friday, June 18, 2010

9 Months !

Its 9 months since I first blogged.
I never felt I would last this long.

This is my 51st Blog post.
I never knew I would complete half a century.

962 hits so far.
I never thought people would be interested to know what's happening in my life.

I never imagined that people would like what I've written.

Friends, have proved me wrong.

In this space, I have shared
Emotions I failed to express when I should have...
Experiences that taught me what's right and wrong...
Miseries that forced me to endure longer...
Love that made me stronger...
Friends who with each passing day, grow fonder...
My family which keeps me bonded!

Writing this blog has helped me relieve - my happiness, my anger, my sorrows, my love, my losses and much more!

And right now, I am happy.

Friends, Life is simple, despite its complexities. I hope all of us stop existing and start living!

I hope I get your support, as always!


  1. Super hit half century,
    will be with you for atleast double centuries...