Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Reason Why

There is a reason why you are not mine,
There is no reason for me to whine...
I have lost my rhythm and rhyme,
I can only hope to revive and shine!

Alas! I will never be your future
But my dear, you shall always be my past.
The reason is - I still hold strong,
Though I know - You have moved on.

Dont know the reason why love sucks
The reason why all men look shmucks
The reason why I wouldn't risk my luck
Nor leave my heart for others to pluck!

I once had a dream to walk down the aisle
I should be over that thought, in a while
For - there is a plot behind all those smiles
A vengeful lot behind all that style!

A reason to find fault, is all we search
A treason behind it, is what will emerge!
For reasons - you will find no lack, no dearth
And eventually realise the pain was not worth!


  1. There is no word to appreciate!
    I can realize some hidden dreams in your hard heart, all the best in future...

  2. thnks ragazoo.
    u hv always been kind with ur words of appreciation :)