Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Today!

From the one who was my very own sky,
To the one, who won - waiting years to be mine,
To the one who smiled, and sang and reigned -
True to the core, to these men I had been!

Yet none in my life today, none to be seen
Sometimes I feel that those days were just dreams.
I seem to have grown by bounds and leaps,
For today I hardly have memories to keep!

I no longer seek joy, in a voice that's hoarse,
Nor long for hugs, behind closed doors,
Nor tease thirsty eyes, that ask for more,
Or fall for tall claims, which later leave me torn!

A gesture, a thought, a smile or a note -
I no longer seek from the prospective lot.
My memories bring to life every fight that was fought
So any blush that appears, I ensure is wept out.

With friends to hang out and keep me gay,
With a beautiful niece who seeks company to play,
With a job that keeps my thoughts at bay -
I am happy this way, I am happy today!


  1. Hmm! What can I say? The way I see it, looking at the general trend of your poems of late, maybe this one, rather than being a poem about genuine happiness, is more a reassurance to yourself that you're happy.

    I may be wrong though! :)

  2. I don't know this will suits u, but be a free bird don't try to stuck in a cage. This will be happy not only today all the days.......
    all the best!

  3. Thnks frnds... n yeah Guru, u r right, it is a attempt to reassure my lost self - tht i will b fine! :)

  4. you give wings to your thoughts and let it fly. not that you just let it fly, they are amazingly good as well. many among us want to but either dont have the patience or guts or whatever to blog. it is something that i also wanted to do for a very long time but somehow not been able to. you are an inspiration for me to start. i hope i do :)

  5. Thnk u so much Rakeshji! u hv always been a constant source of support! :)

  6. Just marvellous!!!