Friday, June 11, 2010


If only I could fly,
I'd be with u now, by your side!
Cos I know I was happiest - when
I saw you flash that smile.

I’d whisper words -
I have treasured to share.
Words that were earlier heard -
Only in my wild dreams, when I dared!

What struck me in a day,
Is taking time to go away...
Those brown eyes, that lovely smile -
I still search for in every other guy!

To everyone’s dismay,
I am gleefully gay,
In my fantasy today
And I wish to be always.

For, as days go by,
When you are no longer mine,
Your memories will remind me -
Our love was divine.


  1. May ur dreams come true...
    in your happy life...
    keep your smile...
    all the time.

  2. Like Premgi asks SPB Charan in Saroja, after the latter looks at his wife's photo in his wallet and mouths a lot of senti dialogues, "Yaaru sir andha figure?" :P

    Jokes apart, you write quite well! :-)