Tuesday, November 16, 2010

All is fine!

I haven’t ever made promises, to leave them half-broken.
I haven’t taken pleasure in possessions, which were stolen.
I have never deserted the hearts, which I had once taken.
I have never gone to bed with a mind, sinned and shaken!

No matter how hard envy, fury or voracity had poken,
I never gave in, for my conscience was always woken.
I can always stand without guilt – no matter when I am awakened.
I may have been called a rebel, but that was cos I was outspoken.

I hadn’t yielded like many, to the alluring worldly temptations.
Though I often longed for love, and slept with teary eyes - all swollen.
Until one day you came along, like God’s endowed creation.
I began to love selflessly again, though I admit with much caution.

I know it has raised eyebrows, sulky faces and contortions!
This too will pass, with you by my side, to keep me patient.
Everything will be fine as long as our prayers come with devotion
For in God, I take faith and have offered our love as his token!

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