Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Bawlings of a bawd.

The past still breathes.
Heaves heavily. Relentlessly.

Death looms before me.
Like a whore, awaiting to caress a man.

I have seen fairer men.
And stronger warriors, in the bygone days.

Yet, my lucky charm.
Your memories - cold, still keep me warm.

Your child in one arm, I still hold close.
And with the other, I stretch for alms.

The melting tar below my feet,
Burns me in the scorching heat.

My days are counted.
As my nights were tainted.

I have sold my body.
But not my soul.

For with that,
I still wait for you...

As the August Autumn leaves -
Dew drops wait on faded yellow leaves.

A day will come when I will fall -
And over my body as vultures, brawl

That day, return -
If for me, you were ever concerned!

Hold me once and hold me close.
For I love you still, though you had left me torn.

Kiss my lips. Kiss my brow.
Hold our child, if you'd want to stroll.

Leave me behind, for predators to feed.
For I will never complain. And you needn't heed.

The day you return, I will know I had led -
A life worthy enough, though we hadn''t wed.

To the world, I may be another fallen girl
But I will know, to you, I was the mother of pearls.


  1. tht is th bst one u hav written. gr8.

  2. :)
    A compliment from you is always special Sree.
    Thank you!