Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Shades of blue.

I am sorry if I don’t blend -
For I have seen factions of men
Divided - by virtue of what they can eat.
For I have also seen groups of girls
Separated over colour – dark, fair or wheat.

I am sorry if I sound aloof -
For I have seen days
Which brought no sun.
And I have been with people
Who instilled harm with all their pun.

I am sorry if I am glum -
If I seldom fall in tune
With your every twist and twirl.
Or if I never offer to tune up
To your every whim and fancy.

I am sorry if am ugly –
For I have had men call me pretty
And walk with me with pride.
For I have seen my men
Walk away with women, prettier than I.

I am not sorry that you found me – True!
For how you walked in
I have no clue!
I’d want you to know that my days with you,
Are no longer painted with shades of blue!

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