Friday, November 26, 2010

Love is but a crazy thing.

It is astounding how -
We grow apart.
Today madly in love,
Morrow, a torn heart!

The passion is soon gone
Now with differences - profound,
The bond is dead
And morales are down.

Life is a trap -
Where love is a game,
With players insane!
Is it worth all that pain?

How people mourn!
Curse the moment they were born
Dialogues filled with scorn
Soon, those days are too gone!

Only man can wound
While making choices in love
Weigh and disgrace -
The life, to which they may get bound!

Love comes to those
Who'd wait - I've heard!
Though absurd, may I say?
It did come to me, again!

As I am all game,
For another round to play
I can only pray -
That this time, it stays!


  1. I never knew u can write like that. Usually I cant stand the so called modern poetry. But I love the way u r so honest about what u feel and not ashamed of urself or ur deeds. That kind of strenght is hard to come by.

    May ur spirit always soar like the wild winds, And ur words flow like water falls,
    Crashing over rocks, never minding the World,
    Free, unappologetic,unfettered...

    There. Let that be my prayer for u, my beautiful friend...


  2. Tht was so thoughtful of u Gitanjali! Comments like those, make me feel I can infact write! Thnk u very much for readin n takin time to post. Love u gurl!

  3. Wow-wonderful-amazing-honest-touching... words dipped in love(ly) spirit.


  4. Thank you Amit - for the comment and for following. :)