Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A note of thanks!

Though tears don't well up, the way they did.
My breath doesn't stop nor heartbeats skip,
My cheeks don't blush, my gait doesn't trip,
But you as a thought, is yet to be nipped.

For it was you who taught me how to breathe -
And you who showed me, how a man could cry -
How to love even when deprived
How to let go, yet long all the while.

In the midst of agonies along my plight
You gave me a reason to soulfully smile.
Though I was just a toy, you yearned for a day
A fantasy you sought - in your words, a fay!

Until one day and to my utter dismay
Leaving me broken, you chose to walk away.
Though it left me torn and I kept counting days -
You'd never be back and had no reason to stay!

I missed you still, in my own ways
I missed it, when I heard your name
I missed your wink, I missed your style
I missed the way I'd felt you're mine.

A year was long, and I recovered
I never knew then, that you would return -
To check if I was well, to warn me not to stray!
To assure me that, I'd learn to love again!

I am happy now, for when you came back -
You brought along with you the light, I had lacked
You helped put back what you had whacked!
You gave me my guy and I'm thankful for that!

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